I haven't visited the town of Fuefuki, so I don't know if there is any tourist attraction worth visiting. My choice fell on Fuefuki because it was halfway between Magome and Hakone and above all because while I was looking for a hotel I found the Hotel Eldia Yamanashi. This hotel has a special feature: it is a love hotel. In Japan, love hotels are quite common. To facilitate your understanding they can, but only remotely, be associated with our motels. There is still an abyss! Japanese love hotels are really crazy! The rooms are huge, as big as an apartment. Inside them, depending on the setting you choose, you will find the most disparate things. Our room had karaoke, darts, two big screen TVs with a professional sound system, a kitchen, a pharaonic bathroom with an exaggeration of beauty products, hair dryer, hair straightener ... It is possible to order dinner in the room at an absolutely reasonable price and, the breakfast, which you will choose upon arrival, will be served in your room the next day.

Obviously it is not possible to stay with children, even if there is nothing vulgar in the room.

The room price, for all that is offered to you, is really very competitive.

I recommend you try the love hotel experience, it will be really funny and will allow you to relax in a room with every kind of comfort.