Once in Hong Kong, exit the airport and follow the taxi directions. The taxi yard is huge, you'll find an infinite number of taxis running back and forth. You follow the line for the red taxis, those that go to the city center. The hostess will ask you for your destination and will communicate it to your taxi driver, in about 45 minutes you will arrive at your destination. Please note that taxis do not accept credit cards, but only cash. In the absence of Hong Kong dollars, they also accept US dollars and euros. 

After a quick hotel accommodation, you are ready to go out and explore the city. 

Take the bus to Central. From here head to IFC mall (the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong) and take a tour of the business district. With an upturned nose, admire the new and the old skyscraper of the Bank of China and the curious headquarters of HSBC. The main feature of HSBC's Hong Kong headquarters is the absence of internal supporting structures: the support pylons are completely exposed. Another important feature is natural light that is the primary source of lighting inside the building: huge computer-driven mirrors reflect the sun's rays from the ceiling of the huge atrium. The use of natural lighting allows for huge energy savings. For the conditioning system, however, sea water is used as a refrigerant, eliminating the waste of drinking water. 

Continue and find the Jardine House skyscraper with its unusual facade consisting of innumerable round windows. 

Stroll through the skyscrapers of CitiBank and the ICBC Tower until you reach St. John's Cathedral: the oldest church in Hong Kong. 

Next to the cathedral is the tomb of Ronald Douglas Maxwell, a British soldier killed during the battle of Wan Chai. His tomb has a truly troubled history that ended positively with the authorization to let him rest in peace near the cathedral. 

Continue with a nice walk to the Peak Tram that will take you to the top of Victoria Peak. Try to take the front row seats to enjoy the steep climb. Once at the top, do not stop with all the other tourists at the main viewpoint. Continue taking the path that runs along Lugard Road to enjoy one of the best views of the city at 500 meters high: take as many photos as possible !! Take the double-decker bus that will take you, through a scenic road, back down to Central.

Do you have a decent hunger? It's time to stop for a dim sum lunch. Head to the City Hall, enter and go up to the first floor.

Here you find the Maxim's Palace: a huge, very refined banquet hall, where nice waitresses walk around the dining room with carts full of dim sum delights. Take a seat and wait for the carts to pass. Each trolley carries different delights. Make your choice, if there is something you like, or wait for the next trolley to pass. If you want something that is not available on trolleys, you can order it separately from the menu. The food offered is really delicious!

To dispose of your lavish lunch head to the Midlevels Escalator: an articulated system of escalators and self-propelled pavements that connects the Central District with the Western District. At around 800 meters in length, it is considered the longest covered system of external escalators that carries around 85,000 people every day. At the end of the escalator, you arrive in the Hollywood road area. Here, take a look at the Tai Kwun complex: the former Hong Kong police station   and prison which has now been redeveloped into a very fashionable cultural and commercial destination.

To conclude your first day of visit, reach the Man Mo Temple. Take a deep breath and enter. Inside the temple burn a thousand incenses that make the air full of smoke but at the same time magical. Stop and take a picture of the lanterns wrapped in the incense  "fog". Take a tour of the temple and stop before the exit to take a look at your future with fortune sticks. These are metal sticks placed inside a jar that you have to shake until one of them comes out of the jar. Take it and read the number above the stick. Next to it, you will find the book with forecasts about the future associated with that number. Mine were excellent: I hope they will come true!

Return to the hotel and relax a little as a visit to the Ladies Market awaits you in the evening. Here you will have to pull out your bargaining skills to complete your fake product purchases.