For your last day in Hong Kong, I suggest you take a taxi and take you to the quiet village of Stanley. Along the way, you can see Repulse Bay. Take a stroll along the pleasant waterfront, overlooking Stanley Bay, flanked by cafes and casual bars. Continue to the covered dock where you can see some fishermen at work. Take a shopping tour in the shops of small shopping centers, but keep a few dollars available to be able to spend at Stanley Market: a market that winds through the winding streets and alleys of the village. Here you can find products of various commodities. Let yourself be quietly captured by the salesmen who will nicely show you the latest discoveries in technology: some innovative and nice. 

After the Stanley tour, take a taxi again and let them take you to Montane Mansion. To find it you will need to enter a small courtyard. If you do not find it, those who see you lost will show you the right way. Once you enter the courtyard, look up and admire! The view from the bottom of these buildings is crazy, to ask how they can live there ... Take your pictures but try to be discreet: this is still a private residence. I remind you that Montane Terrace was the set of some Transformers 4 scenes - The Age of Extinction. I suggest you take a tour of the courtyard and take a look at the small shops present: very simple, but very nice. 

It's lunchtime. If you fancy a good pizza, you will find Pizza Express a short distance away. 

After lunch, take the double-decker tram and take a tour to Central. Here you can go deeper into the skyscrapers or do some shopping. 

To end your visit to Hong Kong, go to the Sky 100 and go up to the Observation Deck. From the 100th floor, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful 360-degree panoramas of the city. If you can, the best is to go there at sunset.