I decided to write this page to answer the many people who asked me how it is possible to face a 3-weeks motorcycle trip without huge suitcases in tow. 

The first thing to know is that there are laundromats! In America there are many, but also in Japan, China, Europe and even in Italy it is very easy to find them. I assure you, that if well studied, even the laundry moment can be a pleasant aspect. You have to take it easy: load the washing machine and, in the meantime, go for an aperitif or a snack. Nobody will steal your clothing and you will avoid waiting for the end of the wash in a sad laundry. At Monument Valley, a lady took care of our laundry and so, we had a snack, on our return we found the laundry ready and folded. 

With this premise, you must know that it will be enough for you to bring with you clothes for a week, after which you will do a good laundry, a good drying and you will be ready to go again. 

To reduce the size of the luggage and, therefore, have more space to take your souvenirs, more or less bulky, with you, I discovered a small but ingenious trick! It is a small vacuum apparatus designed specifically for travelers. The name of this wonder is Wacù. To be able to use it you will only need a power outlet and vacuum bags, and you're done. I advise you to buy the specific Wacù bags which, in addition to being specifically designed for the apparatus, are also really fashionable! You can choose between three different sizes and different patterns. If you follow these simple rules, you will travel light and you will have the opportunity to buy a lot of souvenirs of this beautiful journey!!

Wacù® Buste Salvaspazio da sottovuoto - The Traveller - Size S