White Sands National Park

The main attraction is the White Sands National Park which is about 24 km from Alamogordo. The park is bordered by Holloman Air Force Base and is known for its connection with the Trinity test, the first explosion of an atomic bomb.

White Sands National Park is an American national park with a surface of 710 km² of white sand composed of chalk crystals that represents the largest area of ​​this type in the world. It is a huge desert of white sand with lots of dunes. The area is completely surrounded by military installations such as the White Sands Missile Range or Holloman Air Force Base that perform military testing in the area (on average one to two hours, a couple of times a week). When this is in progress, for safety reasons, both the park and US Route 70 in the stretch between Las Cruces and Alamogordo are subject to closure. The park is truly sensational ... and it is absolutely worth a visit! After passing the entrance toll booth, you will enter with your roaring motorbike into this white desert. On the sides of the road, which is partly white for the movement of the sand, you will see these huge dunes of various shapes. Go ahead and then stop, park the motorbike, take off your shoes and run to climb the dune. When you are at the top, take a 360-degree tour and you will see the immense beauty of this place that will make you want to jump, roll and go up and down the dunes. At sunset, the show will be even more fascinating. The sun reflecting on the white sand is really strong so remember to bring sunglasses. Do not be afraid to walk barefoot through the desert: the sand is very fresh so, no risk of burning your feet.