Madrid is a small hippie-style town made famous by the famed film "Wild Hogs" which tells of a mythical journey on the road by a group of friends in the mid-life crisis. Nestled within a narrow canyon in the Ortiz Mountains, it was a historic mining town and later a ghost town. It was then reborn as a creative community with over 40 shops, art galleries, and restaurants. The village is very small and consists of the only main street overlooked by vintage/hippie-style commercial activities. I recommend taking a tour of the village and stopping at Connie's photo park. It is a photographic park where themed silhouettes have been installed where you can put your face and take funny pictures. The shopping stop at Maggie's dinner is a must. For those who have seen the film, you will remember this place. Today it is a shop where you can buy all kinds of Wild Hogs movie-themed items (for the uninitiated, HOG stands for Harley Owner Group. It indicates Harley owners who are part of an H.D. motorcycle club). Do not miss Maggie's Dinner t-shirt as a souvenir.