If you are staying at the Hakone Kogen Hotel, and you don't feel like going a long way, I recommend having dinner at Izakaya which will suggest you the Hotel. It is located just beyond the cable car that leads to Owakudani. The managers will be avaible to to pick you up and take you back to the hotel with their car (this will allow you to drink alcohol and avoid driving). In Hakone stop and taste the steamed meat and vegetable dishes at the Hakone Hakakura restaurant which is located in front of the parking lot 11 where you will find the tax free shop. If, on the other hand, you feel homesickness, treat yourself to an excellent 808 Monsmare pizza that you can find near Hakone-Yumoto. I recommend after the pizza to take a tour in the lively neighborhood of the station and to taste the excellent products of Sugi Bee based on honey and yuzu (Japanese lemon).