There are not many restaurants on the island and they all close quite early. For this reason, it is good to organize in time to avoid the risk of being left without dinner.

My absolute favorite is Nosoko Malolo: a restaurant with a naive atmosphere with an appetizing cuisine. Here the cuisine is based on the style of Okinawa: the flavors are decisive and the dishes very tasty.

I would like to point out among the specialties: the purple sweet potato croquettes accompanied by a spiced soy sauce, the fried noodles with ham, the gyoza in spiced broth: to lose your head!


If you want to taste the typical meat of the island, I recommend Dining Lotus.

In this restaurant, the meat is cooked using teppanyaki: a grill placed in the center of the table on which you will cook the meat and vegetables that will be served to you at the table.