A must is to have lunch at the Omicho Market.

This place has very ancient origins that date back to the mid-1700s, but if there were only a few in origin there are almost 200 stalls today. The market is frequented by both residents and tourists because of the great variety of seasonal fresh fish. The atmosphere is always lively and noisy and wherever you turn you will hear the voices of the vendors calling for customer attention. The endless stands are a marvel for the eyes: there are fish of various colors and shapes, shellfish and other little-known sea creatures that ignite curiosity and they encourage you to experience new flavors. In addition to fish there are also stalls selling fruit. This place is ideal to make a quick meal and  to taste an infinite variety of products, such as oysters, sea urchins, all kinds of molluscs and so many dishes that you have certainly never tried! Even if the market stay open all day, I suggest you go in the morning or during lunch time since some stands close very early. 

I suggest you try the typical Omicho Market dish: grilled eel with soy sauce accompanied by rice. And for dessert don't forget to taste the ice cream with gold leaf, typical of Kanazawa. 

If you want a break from Japanese cuisine, I suggest you try the fantastic neapolitan pizza (yes you read that right!) at Pizzeria Salina. The pizza is really exceptional: made to perfection with all Italian ingredients that the manager buys directly from Italy. The Japanese pizzaiolo, was 2 years in Naples to learn to cook the real neapolitan pizza. The price is absolutely honest and aligned with the one of our pizza in Italy. 

If you want to have a drink I suggest you go for a craft beer from Oriental Brewing and taste their appetizers. 

For breakfast I recommend German Bakery, a short distance from the Korinbo  Hotel, where you will find countless sweet and savory delights to accompany with an iced cream coffee: excellent start of the hot day that awaits you in Kanazawa.