There is a restaurant inside The View Hotel. Please avoid eating there. The food is mediocre, it is very expensive and the service is slow and incompetent. Unfortunately, it is the only restaurant in the park. If you can exit the park, I recommend the Goulding's Stagecoach Dining Room: a Navajo-run hot table with good food and nice service. If you are on a motorbike and therefore do not want to venture into the dark, do a little shopping at the grocery store that you find near the Goulding's Stagecoach Dining Room, and enjoy a frugal dinner in the privacy of your cabin with a view.

How to reach Goulding's Stagecoach Dining Room: to get there you have to leave the park and take the road in the direction of Goulding, pass the grocery store, then take the road that goes up to the Goulding's Lodge. Nearby the restaurant you will also find a local craft shop.