In Magome there are only ryokans, traditional Japanese hotels. I recommend staying at Tajimaya. The very nice owner will welcome you and make you sit in your traditional room composed of two separate rooms: the living room and the bedroom. You will sleep on the futon and have a shared bathroom with the other guests. Dinner will be served early in the evening in the common dining room. Also here you will be given the yukata to wear for dinner in the room. At the end of the dinner don't miss the chance to take a walk on the Nakasendo in yukata: you will feel like a true Japanese of the past! When returning to the ryokan, the samurai dance lesson awaits for you. The owner will explain you all the steps to be performed and in a circle with the other guests you will try out this nice and easy dance. At the end you will be offered sake. The following day, a traditional Japanese breakfast awaits for you. At the exit you will also be given the certificate of the samurai dance course. What fun!