If you are in Clarksdale you cannot miss staying at the legendary Shack Up Inn. If you want to immerse yourself completely in the world of blues and the most authentic Mississippi atmosphere, you must book at this Inn. It is an old cotton cultivation field where the shacks, the tin shacks of the cotton picker, stood. These huts have obviously been restored and enriched with comforts, but they maintain the typical ambiance of the cotton fields, still present around the shacks. In fact, you can admire the cotton simply by walking around your rooms. The surrounding gardens also recall the atmosphere of that time with sculptures made of glass bottles or the crossing  level in the middle of the tourist village. The Shack up Inn also has a blues club. I suggest you visit it to listen to some excellent music while sipping an ice-cold beer accompanied by tasty pizza delivered by the city pizzeria and offered for free by the club manager.