Hakone is famous for its thermal springs. I therefore suggest you to stay in a Hotel that has an Onsen inside. There are really many in Hakone. The best value for money is the Hakone Kogen Hotel

This Hotel has a traditional Japanese style but revisited in a modern key. The rooms are traditional with tatami mats, you sleep on the futon but the setting is very modern. I would like to point out that you will not have a shower in your room as you will have to use the onsen. The onsen, separated for men and women, is truly a memorable experience. For those not familiar with the Onsen, you must know that there is a sort of ceremonial, which includes some simple rules that we have also learned "on the field ". First of all, when you are still in the room, you must: wear the yukata, take the usual towel and the small towel that you find sealed. Put everything in the plastic bag provided and get off at the Onsen. Remember to deposit the slippers at the shoe rack you will find before entering. Once inside, you can deposit your effects in the lockers. Let me point out that you must enter naked in the onsen! No swimsuits are allowed. You will have to bring with you only the small towel (not the big one) that will be used to cover your private parts while you are moving inside the space of the onsen, out of the water. Be careful not to let the towel touch the water, it is absolutely against the onsen label! Before entering the onsen you will need to take a shower. Choose the place you like the most (you will find an incredible number of showers), open the water and rinse the chair. Sit back and enjoy a splendid and complete shower, using the bath products provided. The seated shower is really a great comfort! After the shower, you can access the onsen. Be careful as the onsen thermal water is very hot, so enter gradually and cautiously. Personally, I recommend you go out and soak in the outdoor tub that has a characteristic Japanese setting. Enjoy peace and relaxation. When you get too hot to stay in the tub, go out and take a cold shower and repeat the cycle as many times as you want. When you have finished, you can take another final shower. Some believe it is better not to do it in order not to lose the thermal properties gained with the onsen. At the exit you will find a hair dryer, cotton buds, hair oil and various beauty products to complete your wellness program.