To break up a little while you are in Hong Kong, you can take a day trip to Macau.

Macau is an autonomous region located on the south coast of mainland China, which the Pearl River delta divides from Hong Kong. Portuguese territory until 1999, it is characterized by a mix of cultural influences. For the big casinos and shopping centers on the Cotai Strip, which connects the islands of Taipa and Coloane, it is called the "Las Vegas of the East". It is easily accessible from Hong Kong with a fast hydrofoil ride. Go to Sheung Wan ferry terminal and purchase a Turbo Jet ticket with destination Macau outer ferry terminal. In 55 minutes you will be at your destination. First of all, I suggest you take a tour of the historic center. Then, from the arrival terminal, take one of the free shuttle buses of the following hotels: Sintra, Lisboa, Wynn Macau or Mgm Macau. It doesn't matter if you don't stay in any of these hotels: no one will ask you anything and they will take you to your destination without problems. Once in the center, head towards Senado Square: a paved square surrounded by colorful buildings. Continue towards the Church of Santo Domingo and the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, of which only the facade remains. Climb up the steps dotted with green gardens up to the top from which you can admire the strong contrast between the ancient city and the modern one with its casinos. Continue through the busy streets of the center and stop to admire the Grand Lisboa Hotel: the golden historic casino with its particular shape. Go to the Grand Emperor Hotel and take the shuttle to the City of Dreams where you can watch one of the most incredible theater performances of your life. Before leaving remember to buy a ticket for the show The House of Dancing Water: a theatrical production all focused on water written and directed by Franco Dragone, famous Las Vegas show director. The show was presented for the first time in September 2010. In February 2013, it was replicated over 1,000 times and seen by over 2 million viewers. The show lasts 90 minutes and presents acrobatic elements and original acts, with a hyper-technological stage that turns into different sets. Over 80 gymnasts, artists circus performers, dancers, divers, actors and motorcyclists are involved in the show. I don't want to spoil the show by anticipating what you're going to see, I just tell you that it was the most exciting and incredible show I've ever witnessed. The only show is worth the trip to Macau.

After the show, take a tour inside the casino and play some slots or tables. If you feel like having a drink, you just have to go to the many corner bars in the game room where, free of charge, tea or non-alcoholic drinks will be offered to you (in Macau they won't serve you alcohol). Go out and take a ride on the cable car (yes, you read that right!) of the Wynn Macau. Admire the panoramic view and enjoy the show of the fountains   dancing to the rhythm of music. Every half hour a different choreography is presented with the fountains flowing at a height equal to that of the casino. Don't miss the chance to take a tour inside the Wynn to be able to admire the luxury with its shiny marble floors and refined decorations. Then continue to the Venetian that you can easily recognize from the bell tower of San Marco that dominates imperiously. Inside you can take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal. Finally evening has fallen and Macau lights up with a thousand lights. Enter the Parisian and climb the Eiffel Tower: from here the show is magnificent. Admire the choreographic perfection of the gardens and pools! It's almost midnight and it's time to goback to Hong Kong taking the last shuttles for the ferry terminal. 

For the Macau tour, remember to take your passport with you.

The Parisian seen from Eiffel Tower