Since the motorbike is the main protagonist of this tour, I consider it useful to dedicate a short section to the rental. The most important motorcycle rental provider in the USA is  Eagle Rider. With this provider you can rent motorbikes in all the United States, you can also decide to make a different drop off and return the motorbike to another city (obviously the rental will have a higher cost). The rental can be made directly online or in an Eagle Rider office in Italy, only in Milan and Rome. The rental procedure is very simple. After entering the data related to the city of pick-up and drop-off and the rental dates, you will have to choose the bike model that you like and the insurance coverage you prefer. Most Harley Davidson models are on website, but there also BMW, Yamaha, Honda, and Indian models available .... Personally, I recommend you to choose a Harley Davidson: we are in the USA and therefore who better than an HD will make you dream while you travel the spectacular American roads ....
Baggage, I would like to point out that Eagle Rider offers you the possibility to store your luggage free of charge at their premises for the duration of the rental. The helmets for driver and passenger are included in the rental price. If you decide to use them, I suggest that you bring bandanas with you to use as balaclavas for hygiene reasons.
Eagle Rider's motorbikes