Lambeau Field Stadium


The most important attraction of the city is the Lambeau Field stadium, home of the Green Bay Packers team. It owes its name to the Packers, numerous cheese packers in the state of Wisconsin, given the huge volume of dairy production in the state. Curious is the name of the fans: "Cheesehead". The term "cheesehead" does not only mean Green Bay fans, but all the inhabitants of Wisconsin, so called because of the huge production of cheddar cheese. It is very common to see fans at the stadium wearing slices of cheese as headgear. These are not the only peculiarities of this team. The Packers do not have an owner, but 112,158: that is, all the fans who have acquired a corporate share of 200 dollars. The last sale took place in 1997 and the return on these shares is zero. Packers subscribers would not change their place in the stands for anything in the world, there are cases in which the right of first refusal is inserted in the will in order to be able to inherit it.

Seeing a live match at Lambeau Field is a dream that every sports fan should be able to realize sooner or later, perhaps in a big challenge against the Chicago Bears. Each home game is an opportunity to party in front of the statue of Vince Lombardi. Coach Lombardi is the quintessence of football: 5 titles won in the 60s with the Packers, that however are only a small part of his contribution to this sport. Italian American from Brooklyn, who survived the Great Depression, managed to enhance the work ethic like no other coach. The Super Bowl trophy bears his name and his famous phrase in Green Bay: "Winners never quit and quitters never win" is a command carved in stone. Upon entering the stadium you immediately perceive that it is really huge and very modern. It is possible to take a guided tour with a member of the team staff. The guides are very prepared and able to make the visit a very special moment. The tour will allow you to see every corner of the stadium (excluding only the changing rooms), including the VIP room from which the leading personalities usually see the game. These rooms are huge, equipped with a kitchen and with huge panoramic windows overlooking the field (you will feel like Cameron Diaz and Al Pacino in the film "Any given Sunday"). Really nice and exciting to enter the field with lots of music in the background, just like when players enter the field. The playing field is also huge, with a very green and well-kept grass. Once the stadium tour is over, I suggest you to go to the shop where you will find all sorts of gadgets with the team logo.

Green bay's cheese headgears