In Ishigaki beaches are a must. Here are my favorites:



Kabira is a sandy white coral  beach with crystal clear water.

The beach is not marked on the road and you will have to travel by car a stretch of dirt road that will get tighter until you reach a small clearing where you need to park and then continue on foot until you reach the beach.

Don't give up during the road, continue with confidence and you will see that you will not regret what you will find down the street.

Kabira Bay


It is by far the beach that struck me the most. When we arrived the tide was lowering and the sight that appeared was the one you see below. 

Just leave your effects on a branch and take a walk around the island at low tide (I suggest you get to Kojima for about 12 hours). 

The tour of the island is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will be practically alone and from the sea you will be able to see the pineapple plants clinging to the island. After the tour of the island, take a swim in the warm crystal clear waters.

Kojima Bay


To reach Crystal Beach you will have to walk a very steep path in the middle of the tropical forest. 

Even in this case your effort will be amply repaid by a spectacular beach. Bring the masks with you because here you can snorkel and see many fish and corals.


As the name says this beach is to see at sunset. The tropical vegetation that surrounds it is truly beautiful

Beyond beaches I also suggest you:



Absolutely not to be missed is the view from the Tamatorizaki vantage point.

You will find it easily as it is well marked along the road. With the car you can climb to the top where you will find the parking lot.

The view is truly breathtaking. You will see the coral reef stands out on the lush tropical vegetation.

Cool off by tasting a smoothie at the bar you find in front of the parking lot.



This forest is national heritage as it contains 500 palm trees including the indigenous yaeyama palm trees. You feel like you are entering the tropical forest.

At the exit, enjoy at the kiosk, that you will find coming out of the forest, a fresh smoothie made exclusively with local fruit and sugar cane syrup distilled at the time.


CERAMIC STORE (near Yonehara Beach and the campsite)

Get some shopping  at this store. Inside you will find the symbol of Okinawa and the its islands: Shīsā, the two male and female lions. In this shop they produce them in various colors. I bought them in a multicolor version: a lovely souvenir to remind me of this beautiful island!

Tamatorizaki viewpoint