Mount Rushmore


The Badlands National park is an unmissable stop. It is a protected area known for its imposing bad formations called by the natives "mako sica" or bad lands. 

The Badlands are a geomorphological phenomenon of soil erosion that occurs due to the effect of run-off of water on degraded clayey rocks with poor vegetation cover. These are deep furrows in the ground along the mountainside. Here the phenomenon is clearly visible and makes the landscape truly unique and spectacular. All around you will find the famous prairie dogs that will pop up here and there standing on their legs. Getting around the park by motorbike is something fantastic: the beautiful landscape and the silence broken only by the noise of the motorcycle engine: a splendor!

Beware of rattlesnakes: we have not found any, but you will notice several danger signs all around.


One of the most famous American monuments: the mythical symbol of this great nation. While reaching Mount Rushmore, faces of the presidents can be seen from afar. Your head will swirl to try and see the monument and you will take a thousand pictures, even before arriving. Once at the entrance, park the motorbike in the large parking lot. Already from the entrance, it is exciting to come face to face with the monument that you have always dreamed to see live. Continue along the entrance corridor dotted with flags and approach and, finally, here it is: imposing, strange but of great effect.

The faces are perfectly sculpted: Washington, Jefferson, Roosvelt and Licoln they are there to represent the first 150 years of American history.

Take pictures and try to imagine the effort made to sculpt these 4 faces so detailed in the rock.

Remember to take a tour in the attached shop where you will find many Mount Rushmore themed gadgets and much more.


Mount Rushmore rises inside the beautiful Black Hills park. You can't lose the opportunity to have a tour with your motorbike. They owe their name to the dense vegetation that make them appear dark in the distance. They extend from the South Dakota to Wyoming. They are sacred mountains to the Lakota Indians who, during the gold hunt, were then driven out by General Custer's expedition. 

Do not miss the monument to Crazy Horse: a large sculpture in the rock ever finished representing the face of Crazy Horse. It was born as a response from the natives to the sculpture of the 4 presidents of Mount Rushmore. If it will be ever completed, it will be the largest rock sculpture ever built. You can see from afar the profile of the face of the Indian chief  on the edge of a high mountain.