In Shirakawa-go there are no hotels, but only minshuku or traditional inns where you can fully immerse yourself in the authentic Japanese atmosphere. 

I recommend you  to stay overnight at Kanja. Sleep in a traditional Japanese room, composed of a single room that serves as a living room and bedroom, with a tatami floor and futon as a bed. As usual, this minshuku has very few rooms that are divided only by a thin wall and closed by the classic sliding door in wood and paper. The bathroom is shared and dinner is served at 18.00. In your room you will find the yukata, a traditional Japanese dress, that you will need to wear for dinner. It will be really fun to meet with other western guests all dressed in yukata for dinner. Dinner and traditional Japanese breakfast will be served in the traditional dining room with the brazier located inside the room where you will of course be sitting on the floor on the tatami. It will be a truly unforgettable experience!

Kanja minshuku